No Surgery Here: Natural Ways to Tighten the Vagina

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that having the desire to have a tight vagina can make women go crazy. I know of women that can literally spend a heck of alot of money on surgeries and complicated procedures in hope to get that tight pussy they once had when they were young.

The matter of fact is that 1. If you a celebrity that has a ton of money, and it doesn’t make a dint in your money then go ahead 2. If you are crazy about having a tight vagina you probably need the surgery to keep you sane.

Update: Hi ladies just a quick update today because I am getting a few emails lately regarding how often to do kegal exercises to get a tighter vagina? To be honest, not that often at all so don’t worry, I don’t do kegel exercises daily, I just do them whenever I can remember, sometimes, once a week, sometimes twice a week or sometimes only on weekends when I can be bothered. However, please remember that I also use the vaginal tightening cream so I believe that if I wasn’t using the cream, you would need to do hundreds of kegel exercises per week.

For the normal everyday woman, like you and me, I don’t really find surgery necessary. Like I have already mentioned, one of my older friends who is a mom of 2 and is 38 years old, has recently started electrical vaginal stimulation in hope to regain intimacy after having her second child as she feels she needs to tighten her vagina.

When it came to my vagina, I wanted something natural and really, I wanted to be able to do it myself, I really didn’t want to have to see a nurse or doctor about it.

What solved my vagina problems was the V-Tight, but we will get to that later. Let’s first discuss some other natural ways you can try to help the process along.

Tighten Your Vagina the DIY Way

Ben-Wa Balls: Not a favorite of mine and I wasn’t really going to include them here but my friend did try these and we had a laugh about them so worth inserting them here just to acknowledge the fact that I have seen them with my own eyes. I just find these to be too complicated and that fact that you need to use them everyday is too much of a hassle.

That’s why I can’t say it enough, if you want an easy option, you need to try out the best vagina tightening cream, V-Tight Gel. It beats any other method I’ll mention here. It’s the safest, most hassle free, most non-invasive, most cost effective and it’s made from natural ingredients, Witch Hazel and Manjakani Extract.

Orgasm Baby! When you orgasm, your pelvic muscles are contracting. Practice makes perfect. The more contractions and releases that your pelvic muscles do, this should naturally start tightening your vagina. And like have said before, by tightening your vagina, your orgasms become stronger!

Kegels: To me, kegels sounds like a breakfast cereal but apparently the exercise is named after the scientists who invented them. That’s a quick fact for you.

Anyway, kegal exercises should be done everyday to maintain strong pelvic muscles and tighten your vagina. Because it is the easiest way to tighten your vagina, they must be done regularly. When we say regularly, to help treat a loose vagina, you need to do 3 sets of 10 reps each day. They truly are muscles that need working!

The impractical thing about kegel exercises is that you need to do alot of them, you need to do them daily and only then will you start noticing your vagina to tighten after several months.

V-Tight: I’ve already hinted that V-Tight is natural and by skipping all the other methods, it really was the best way to tighten my vagina.

No matter how loose your vagina is, you would want to become familiar with V-Tight. It will solve your loose vagina problems.

Keeping your vagina tight is not only a concern for the sexual pleasure of your partner but for yourself! Without a tight vagina, sex can become boring and sometimes, un-pleasurable. This leads to other emotional factors like trying to avoid sex and can cause relationship problems.

My saviour to keep my vagina tight is V-Tight Gel (duh if you are here reading this you will know that I swear by this product). I am a bit of a hippy so no-wonder I support a natural vaginal tightening cream :)

Just a final note, sticking to a natural vaginal tightening cream was really important for me when I was selecting which one I wanted to use. Remember, ladies – this is your private area that you are applying cream to, avoid using any heavy prescription creams or potions that may do any further harm (unless prescribed by a doctor for serious medical reasons). For everyone else, this is an excellent option.

Find out more about V-Tight Gel or read my experience with V-Tight here: best vaginal tightening cream

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