Best Way to Tighten Your Vagina is with V-Tight Gel!

V-Tight Gel – Thy Savior For Women

Trying to deal with vaginal looseness and insecurities in your vaginal region, isn’t the easiest thing for a woman to cope with. Especially when it feels like it comes on so suddenly.

Geez, I am just clocking over 26 years old, no babies yet and none on the horizon for now, and I’m already looking the best natural vagina tightening cream to improve my self esteem and my sex life.

1 year post results: After receiving a fair few emails, I’ve decided to update everyone on my progress and write a quick follow up of my 1 year post results. How is it going? For me, it’s going great. Now, it’s been over 1 year and I am not using the vagina tightening cream very much anymore. My vagina is tight and has remained that way. I feel no need to use it on a regular basis anymore. I must say however, that I still have a little feeling here and there about it so to overcome any self conscious thoughts or insecurities I apply the vagina tightening cream about once every month or so just to ensure my vagina remains tight. Whether this is required or not I am unsure but it makes me feel at ease and this makes me feel more confident

The best advice I can give is talk to people about it. I know it may be hard to begin with but it really does help your own self confidence. Just like the women at the office, they were all discussing it between themselves, doing live demonstrations on the lunch room floor. You don’t need to go to that extent but hey, that was a brief introduction for me 2 years ago that has help me deal with it now.

Like I’ve already said, having insecurity about your vagina is not uncommon and I do believe there isn’t enough women talking out about it, in fear of embarrassment. There is this notion that your vagina becomes loose after childbirth. This is not true and I am an example of this.

It wasn’t until the day I built up the confidence to talk to my boyfriend about it. We came to the opinion that it was indeed my vaginal walls and vaginal opening that had become loose over time. Why is my vagina loose? What causes your vagina to go loose?

Who knows? I do not know but all I knew is that it needed to be fixed! ASAP! It was hard to open up to my boyfriend at the start, but we are both thankful for it now because I no longer have a loose vagina and we are both happy that we dealt with the ‘condition’ at the time when it was bothering us.

When I did sit down and take the time to research, I was actually surprised to find that a gel even existed that would be able to naturally tighten my vagina apart from the kegal exercises, thy savior, V-Tight Gel.

My worst fear was that I would have to go see a doctor and get some sort of drug cocktail or even surgery and I definitely knew I wasn’t going down that road, they weren’t a solution for me. Plus, I haven’t had kids yet so I figured it really wasn’t that necessary.

To get all personal here, we are talking about the vagina, vag, pussy or whatever nickname you have for it and sex. So for me, the main concern was to get a tighter grip during sex and to be able to climax again. I must say, this was important for my self esteem but equally for my boyfriend aswell as he started to lose confidence aswell. I guess our sex life was at the point where it was affecting us both emotionally.

So back to my weeknight 11pm Google session searching for how to tighten my vagina naturally, I came across, my now best friend, V-Tight Gel.

Read my full review of V-Tight Gel here

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