Why I Wanted to Get a Tighter Vagina

woman-choiceI guess I started this site because I am neither of what I have mentioned above, I don’t have a tone of money, I am not crazy addicted to getting a tight vagina and opting for expensive and invasive surgeries to get it (nor do I think I need it). I am more of the belief that no woman really needs expensive, invasive surgeries anyway.

However, what we do need is a little assistance, vaginal loosening is a problem that ALOT of women face, and believe me from my experience, not just women in their 50’s.

Vaginal loosening affects our self esteem. If affects our confidence and affects our sex life and our relationships if it is not dealt with properly. However, all women can find a natural way to tighten their vagina, whether it be kegal exercises or the V-Tight Gel, there are ways to tighten vagina naturally.

So my quest for a vaginal tightening cream first came about, like I said, 6 months ago when I started noticing a slight difference in my sex life as I was finding it a little difficult to reach an orgasm. I slowly started losing little self confidence and I started avoiding having sex with my boyfriend, this also created a little bit of tension.

Hence, this whole process has taught me a lesson. If I felt emotional, confused and lacked confidence and starting losing my desire to have sex, I knew that other women would feel this too. This is the reason I started this site so I could share, in an open way, my experience so maybe 1 or 2, heck maybe even 20  or 30 women may relate to my experience and have the confidence to do something about it.

After all, if you don’t feel entirely comfortable talking to your boyfriend or husband about it, men don’t always understand a woman’s point of view, at least there is other women out there, like me, who understand what you are going through.

Trust me, I’m 26 years old, 2 years ago, I was laughing at colleagues at work about how their vaginas were loose and I was all chuffed that I had no problems because I hadn’t had kids. There goes that, maybe that is karma?

Whether I deserve it or not, it happened but at least I was proactive about it and didn’t let it destroy me. I’ve found my solution on how to tighten my vagina and I found it naturally, that was the most important thing for me. The fact is that V-Tight Gel really is the best natural vagina tightening cream and if you have problems down there, you really should look into this aswell.

I’ve already mentioned that the topic of vaginal tightening isn’t the easiest for a woman to deal with, especially if you haven’t had kids yet. But if you have kids, I guess you kind of expect it to happen.

When I started Googling there wasn’t a heap of information out there that was reliable. There were plenty of sites trying to sell me expensive machines and/or vaginal tightening gadgets and expensive vaginal tightening surgeries. Not interested. Should I say more that I got the feeling that the sexual gadgets machines were more than just plastic aimed at something else? Not sure but I just wasn’t convinced. I just hadn’t hit the spot, or should I say G-Spot…wink wink.