V-Tight Gel Review

Having a loose vagina comes down to two things, not just the fact that you can’t please your man, but you find it difficult pleasing yourself.

That is a recipe for disaster, really it is!

NOTE: This is my personal experience and honest thoughts and experiences, *If you wish to go to the Official Website, Click Here*

However, in finding the solution on how to tighten the vagina, you need to smart in your quest.

I do have friends that have taken the extreme road, with surgeries etc (infact one of my friend’s is currently getting consulted by a nurse with vaginal electrical simulations which is costing a truck load), but I am not like that, I’d rather find a natural way to tighten my loose vagina anyday (when you think

about it, back thousands of years, surely they must have had a natural remedy to deal with the same problems?!)

Like I’ve said, V-Tight was a game changer for me after about 1 week. But I do know for instance, that my best friend noticed that her vaginal walls tightened in about 3 days. I guess it just depends on woman to woman and how loose your vagina is to begin with.

WTF is V-Tight Gel?

v-tight gel review

Yes, ok it does work, but how does it work?

On the onset, when my boyfriend first saw it, he was like wow, sounds like a vaginal stimulation gel, he was all for it, and I had my fingers crossed, I need to tighten my vagina and I need to do it fast.

The biggest concerns I had with any vaginal tightening treatment was 2 things. I wanted a safe vaginal tightening solution and I wanted it to be as natural and non-invasive as possible. Oh and I wanted to see some results quickly! Talk about being impatient 🙂

So everyone asks “does V-Tight Gel work”? 100% it works.

V-Tight is made up of natural extracts which are safe for human use, these are Manjakani and Witch Hazel Extract. They work by tightening the walls surrounding your vagina by re-shaping and contracting the muscles. The V-Tight Gel also relieves vaginal dryness which can be another factor that makes sex a little un-pleasurable and can contribute to vaginal looseness.

How Long Does V-Tight Take to Work?

If you don’t already know it works by now, you may have been reading with your eyes shut.

So open them!

To be honest, every product works different on everybody. Each woman’s vagina will not be at the same stage of looseness. My friend and I both bought one each to save money and tried the product together. As I mentioned earlier, she started noticing results in 3 days and me, I noticed my vagina start to tighten in about 1 week. Was that to say that my vagina was looser than my friends? Who knows or are my muscles just slack?

To me, vaginal tightness or looseness cannot be measured, it’s not like you can go down and measure yourself. It totally depends on how you feel and how pleasurable your partner and you find sex to be.

I am really happy with the V-Tight Gel and that is why I am sharing my experience with you all which is funny in parts, embarrassing in others and the whole process being completely confronting.

My personal results that I noticed once I started using V-Tight Gel were that my orgasms intensified. Once this happened, I noticed that the gel was working. For my orgasms to intensify the vagina walls were strengthening and becoming tighter.

It’s funny because when I decided to give it a go, with my boyfriend’s credit card and with his approval, the boyfriend agreed to it, he was like hell yeh, let’s give this a go. Hmm sneaky, but he knew deep down this was important to me, not just physically but more importantly, emotionally.

It’s also really easy to use, you don’t need any utensils or anything, all you need to do is place the recommended amount on your fingers, insert and massage, and let the gel do the rest, oh and wait.

Where to Buy the V-Tight Gel?

The company that manufactures the V-Tight Gel has been around since 1994, so given it’s been in business for so long, that’s the biggest indication that the product works and is safe to use.

In saying this, the only place you can buy V-Tight Gel is from the Official V-Tight Gel website. If you have your reservations, don’t worry

Some people get a bit bummed out that you can’t get a feel for the product before you buy it because you have to buy it online. But to be honest, it is something you really want to buy in public? It’s worse than buying tampons/pads or condoms in a grocery store!

Like I’ve said before, my friend and I purchased the V-Tight Gel together, not only to do it together but to also save money because they have special offers where you can buy bundles and it works out cheaper.

I think they keep their prices competitive so when you go to the V-Tight website, you need to enter your info at the start then you get to see the packages they offer afterwards. See below for more information.


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HowToTightenMyVagina.com recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again! Click on the link below to get the Best Price and Great Discounts!Click Here